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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Passionate Love Sayings- First Love of Your Life |MUSKAAN WARSI|

First Love of Your Life 

The First Love of your life makes you love yourself and shows the real you. Well, I think I'm also thinking about someone special, while writing about the first love of my life. However, Today's generation is running behind the lust but still some people believe in love. When you saw someone for the first time and feels him/her into you that's what known as First Love. 

Passion of love 

First kiss with the first love

The first kiss with your first love takes you to the heaven. The feelings/emotions while kissing gets stronger and stronger for the love of your life. Having hand in hand, getting closer and finally the lips get locked to a lip-lock kiss. It's feel like a timid sweetness that is unique to the first loves. No doubt, it is quite difficult to describe that feelings in words. That kind of first love, first kiss, unique feelings for your first love is hard to get, very few of us got this chance, through this the bond between two love birds gets stronger and stronger which truly last forever in many of the relationships.

Keeping distance from the First Love

The person who's the main reason of your happiness, your smile, or who's everything for you, it's really hard to live without them. When people saw someone for the first time and feels really hard to keep distance from them that means they found their first love. First love of the person always have the special place in their heart. As people learn many things about themselves just because the first love they have in their lives. However it is really hard to be away from the love of your life.

First Love changes you forever

The first love of your life changes you forever, no matter how hard you try, that feeling just never goes away. The first love of your life introduces you to everything, make you love them and also love you back. Your life becomes more meaningful then before and finally you realities the simple fact that you'll never get the same moment twice.

It's really hard to forget your first love 

This is found in many of the relationships, mostly who fall for the first time in love that when they broke up it's really hard for a person to forget about their first love. The first love of your life always have a warm place in your heart, until your death you can't let them forget. 

A Poem that depicts emotions about first love

Through few lines of the poet we can find the emotions inside us for the first love of our lives. The emotions inside our heart to whom the person manages to steal our heart for the very first time. Moreover,the memories, the time and the moments we spended with that person & the memories we made together can't be forgettable nor be faded. 

                     "First Love Poem"

                                             By- Mario William Vitale

A breath of fresh air. To look inside your heart will light the spark of what we need to know. A challenge to be free is a question of time.

As I look up, I gazed upon your face 
So warming and caring 
Your eyes so full of life 
I knew from the moment I saw you that you were the one for me 

The one who would love and care for me 
Who I would spend the rest of my life with 
As an artist I love poetic verse 
I thought about you day and night 

I said nothing to you and you said nothing to me
We just passed by each other from time to time 
Never knowing, always wondering 
When I went to sleep the night I dreamed sweet dreams of you 

When I saw you again I just couldn't stand it any longer 
I had to tell you and I did 
I leaned and whispered in your ear, just three simple words 
I love you and you said the same in return 

Our love for one another flourished 
Like a dozen roses in the spring 
And I knew then 
As I know now 

That you were the only one for me.
First Love of Your Life |MUSKAAN WARSI|

Passionate Love Sayings- First Love of Your Life |MUSKAAN WARSI| Passionate Love Sayings- First Love of Your Life |MUSKAAN WARSI| By: Muskaan Warsi 5.0 stars based on 35 Reviews First Love of Your Life  The First Love of your life makes you love yourself and shows the real you. Well, I think I'm also thinking...

1 comment:

  1. It really is hard to forget a woman's first love.
    She will always remember that night she gave her Christian innocence to him, allowing him, the nonChristian instead of the Christian man she may later marry, be the first to push in her and burst her hymen, allowing him to be her first.
    She will always remember how they passionately kissed as he slowly entered her and pushed deep into the depths of her Christian innocence.
    She will never forget how great his penis felt in her Christian pussy, which so wanted to be fucked.
    Even while she makes love to the other guys she dates, her mind will often "go back" to the times she slept with her first and experienced all those new sensations he gave her.
    Even after marriage, she may wanna sleep with her first, the one who made her a woman and showed her what real life is all about...


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