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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Globally Famous American POP Star "LADY GAGA"

She was born in March 

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born in March 28,1986 , She known professionally as Lady Gaga.
Gaga is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. An International Pop Star ,Globally famous personality. She is known for her unconventionality and provocative work as well as visual experimentation.
First, She rose to prominence the following year with her debut album, the Electropop record The Fame and its chart-topping singles "Just Dance" and "Poker Face". A follow-up EP, The Fame Monsters (2009), featuring the singles "Bad Romans", "Telephone", and "Alejandro" also proved successful. These are the singles from where Gaga has started her career. And the New Pop Star had started shining.

Gaga's second full-length album Born This Way (2011) explored electronic rock and techno. As this was the big hit Album of her and this album given new heights of prosperity . The album topped the US Billboard 200 and sold more than one million copies in the country during its first week. Its title track became the fastest selling song on the iTunes Store with over a million downloads in less than a week. And this is what gave her wings.

Then, 27 million albums and 146 million singles as were sold of January 2016, Gaga is one of the best-selling music artists in history. Gaga's achievements were made Guinness World Records, six Grammy's, three Brit Awards, and an award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Gaga has been declared Billboard's Artist of the Year . She is known for her philanthropy and social activism, including LGBT rights, and for her non-profit organization, the Born This Way Foundation, which focuses on promoting youth empowerment and combating bullying.

Later on she said of her inclination towards music and piano .

I don't know exactly where my affinity for music comes from, but it is the thing that comes easiest to me. When I was like three years old, I may have been even younger, my mom always tells this really embarrassing story of me propping myself up and playing the keys like this because I was too young and short to get all the way up there. Just go like this on the low end of the piano ... I was really, really good at piano, so my first instincts were to work so hard at practicing piano, and I might not have been a natural dancer, but I am a natural musician. That is the thing that I believe I am the greatest at.

At the age of 17 in the year 2003 Gaga got admission to Collaborative Arts Project 21-a music school in New York University (NYU)'s Tisch School of the Arts—and lived in an NYU dorm. At NYU, she studied music and improved her songwriting skills by writing essays on art, religion, social issues, and politics, including a thesis on pop artists Spencer Tunick and Damien Hirst. During the second semester of her sophomore year in 2005, she withdrew to focus on her music career. The same year, she played an unsuspecting diner customer for MTV's Boiling Points, a prank reality television show.

When she was 19 year old,Gaga got raped as she said in one of her statement in 2014 during her interview for which she underwent mental and physical therapy. She has Post traumatic Stress Disorder that she attributes to the incident, and says that support from doctors, family, and friends has helped her.

However, In the year 2005 Gaga had recorded two songs with the great hip-hop singer Grand master Mel Mel for an audio book accompanying Cricket Casey's children's novel The Portal in the Park. She also formed a band called the SG Band with some friends from NY. The band played at gigs around New York, becoming a fixture of the downtown Lower East Side club scene. After the year 2006 Songwriters Hall of Fame ,The New Songwriters Showcase at The Cutting Room in the month of June, She was recommended as a music producer Rob Fusari by talent scout Wendy Star land .Safari collaborated with Gaga, who traveled daily to New Jersey, helping to develop her songs and compose new material. The producer said they began dating in May 2006, and claimed to have been the first person to call her "Lady Gaga", which was derived from Queen's song "Radio Ga Ga".They remained in touch and lasted their relationship in January 2017.
Globally Famous American  POP Star "LADY GAGA" Globally Famous American POP Star "LADY GAGA" By: Muskaan Warsi 5.0 stars based on 35 Reviews She was born in March   Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born in March 28,1986 , She known professionally as Lady Gaga. Gaga is...

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