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Crush Quotes and Sayings

Crushes  Sayings  and  Quotes . The teenage  crush  is like flu. Some crushes just never went away. Infatuation is like a drug that gives you the best high yet gives you the worst headache after. The mark of a true  crush ... is that you fall in love first and grope for reasons afterward.

9th of November - A Love Story

 9th of November - A Love Story

It's a story of two people who belongs to two different countries. They committed to each other for the lifetime and finally they completed an year of their relationship. The 9th of November is their anniversary day. On 9th of November 2017 at 3:46 am they talked to each other for the first time.

      "9th of November"

【】 They are so in love with each other ❣

【】 They remain on call at night while sleeping ❣ 

【】 She falls asleep while talking on the phone to him, but he stays up all night to hear the sound of her breathe ❣

Met in an event for the first time as followers

An event of follow for follow organised by someone and invitation sent to all people in his contacts. The boy and the girl got the invitation,they went their, commented f4f. He followed her and she gave him follow back. He checked her profile and posts same process was repeated by the girl. They attracted to each other.

First Chat on a Private Post, before 9th of November

The boy did a private post to girl asking little things about her like - from where she is, age , studies, etc. Moreover, he asked a cute question from her that "Is she a good girl or a bad girl?", She got angry and said "What do you mean by that? , Are you judging me on the basis of my posts like other people do?". Boy said "I didn't mean anything wrong!" Girl didn't seen his reply and get offline. The boy offered Namaz and prayed to Allah that the girl will start talking to him again and he also prayed to Allah that the girl he want as his life partner. Next Day, the girl replied to his last comment 'leave it', the boy said "sorry, but I didn't meant anything wrong". 

                           "9th of November"

 He asked her to marry him on 9th of November

They talked to each other for the first time and he asked her to marry him. She was not really ready to say "Yes" to him but she said yes & repeated "Qubool hai" three times with him. First night they met ,they chatted ,they made a call, they talked & he proposed her and they got nikkahfied. A day full of love 9th November, lucky enough to be together.

Made promises to be together for the lifetime

First night, 9th of November the first day they met and got Nakahfied, they promised to each other to stay together in good or bad days, and face every problem together. They will love each other unconditionally and make every single day of their life full of love.

                              "9th of November"

Between the journey of 1 year 

They both were so happy but the people around them are not fine with their relationship status. Many of the girls from Google+ came to the girl and claimed that the boy is in relation with them. But the girl defended him and said to the girls who were claiming "Go and ask him, if wants to stay with you or with me",'' but the boy chose her over them." . They both are still together, happy , satisfied and completed their one year of relationship. On 9th of November they celebrated one year of their relationship.

People from two different countries fell in Love with each other - 9th of November

It is very hard for both of them to be away from each other for so long. They fell in love and committed to each other now. The major problem is that, it is too difficult for both of them to meet in 3rd country but they both trying their level best to meet each other. They are the best example of "true love". The 9th of November will be the date of their wedding too as they decided.

A loving text written by her for him on 9th November

💖 My Jaan You Are...💖
❤ The Love , The Life , The Heart , The Breathe !!!
❤ The Reason of My Smile 
❤You're The Reason Why I do Love My Life or I Love to Live it.
❤Today let's make a promise  that we'll never gonna leave each other. 
❤Whatever will be the circumstances We'll never give up on each other. 
❤Let's make a promise to Love each other forever , till the last breathe of ours.
❤Our hearts will always beat for one another.
❤There will be no entry for the third person in between us two.
❤Let's make a promise to be together forever till our last breathe.

A Cute Conversation next day after 9th of November

◆ She: "I don't snore do I ?"
◆ He:..well..It's a cute snore."
◆ She: "What!! What do I sound like?"
◆ He:"like an adorable little lawn mower."


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